Friday, July 16, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

Now Victoria's Secret gets infested with bed bugs! It's becoming Biblical. [Racked]

Happy Birthday Bowery Boogie--cheers and many more! [BB]

Bar owners convince CB3 to approve their plans for a theater-lounge "experience" in the former Amato opera house. [Eater]

Kicking it old-school on St. Mark's Place:

The International's Molly and Shawn approved to take over Lilly Coogan's. [EVG]

More clues about the unearthed ship at the WTC. [CR]

July events at Stuytown's Oval Concierge. [STLL]


Grand St. said...


It appears your own dealings with this scourge has driven you a tad daffy.

I get that VS and Fitch, etc. are lame operations, and their customers might in many cases be slack-jawed gawkers from Saskatoon, but I don't see a benefit to the bedbug crisis expanding into retail. There's no guarantee that the bloodsuckers will confine themselves to tourist trap stockrooms, right? Here's hoping you hold the huzzahs when they turn up in a Gristede's.

Jeremiah Moss said...

they have definitely had an effect on my sanity, that's true.

but how long can the city and bloomberg keep ignoring the scourge if it starts to effect their bottom line as tourists flee?

Grand St. said...

Please don't tell me those thousands of 311 complaint calls have all gone for naught.

Seriously, though - is there anything to be learned from the past? I wonder how the City responded to the bedbug dilemma in decades past, when it was even more densely populated.

3FingersBrown said...

Hey Jerimiah, here's a little something from the upper reaches of the Island that I think you should check out (if you haven't) from a good uptown-centric blog:

18 years ago last week, Washington Heights was a battleground. I was growing up in Queens and in HS at the time. I remember my mom crying over how her old hood had become a warzone between the crack dealers and the vicious cops and everyone else caught in between.

Crazy but little talked of chapter in our city's history.

Jeremiah Moss said...

thanks 3fingers, i will put up that link.