Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fedora's Future

This email just came in. It appears that Fedora's neighbors are concerned about the new owner's plan to keep the restaurant open late (originally proposed for 4:00 AM, changed to 2:00 AM--via Grub St.).

While there are still many unanswered questions about the future plans for this business, losing the new owner may mean losing all of Fedora. It's a tough call. Wherever you stand on the issue, go July 22 to get information and have your voice heard:

Dear Friends of Fedora’s,

A completely unexpected and rather unpleasant situation has just appeared that threatens the future of Fedora’s.

A few neighbors have suddenly expressed concerns about the future management of the new Fedora’s. Specifically they are concerned about the hours that Fedora’s will be open. Their demands are such that the new owners may balk at making the commitment needed to keep the Fedora’s that we have known and loved for decades.

For generations the Dorato family has shown its deep commitment to the Greenwich Village community. The new proprietor of Fedora’s was chosen very carefully. As prime Greenwich Village commercial property, it would have been easy to find a developer that would have ignored Fedora’s rich history. You are all aware of what has happened to beloved establishments in the Village. The new owner has made firm assurances that the new Fedora’s, while updated and spruced up, will still be the welcoming spot we have all enjoyed for so long.

Your help is needed:
Community Board 2 is meeting Thursday, July 22 @ 6:00 PM- Elizabeth Irwin High School, 40 Charlton St. in the auditorium

THE PUBLIC SESSION BEGINS AT 6:00 PM. SPEAKERS' CARDS WILL BE ACCEPTED FROM 6:00 TO 6:30 PM. Reports from the Chair, District Manager, Borough President, Standing Committees.

Mail comments to
Community Board #2
3 Washington Square Village 1A
New York, NY 10012

We realize this is extremely short notice. If you can attend and voice your support, please so do. If you cannot, please write a letter today to express your concern that we may yet again lose a neighborhood institution. Or, you can email the community board at Gormley@cb2manhattan.org


Fedora’s has been welcoming Villagers since 1952. It was originally opened as a speakeasy in 1919 and when prohibition ended, it was opened as Charlie’s Garden.

Fedora has been welcoming us all with a warmth and charm that is legendary in the Village. Won’t you please help to make sure that it is around for future generations to enjoy?

Please help us get word out.



villagegal said...

Your information is a bit off. The new owner is asking for a 2:00am closing. The neighbors, on the other hand, are asking for such restrictive hours, that it is doubtful that it could be operated profitably. That would mean that you would indeed lose Fedora.

Please do not forget. Fedora lives in the building, her son's office is there. Do you really believe that they want a noisy place? They have been good neighbors for 58 years and found a person with a good community track record. So why aren't the neighbors giving it a chance? You tell me.

The neighbors in question have not contacted Fedora or her family with their concerns and will not meet with Gabe Stulman. It looks like what they are after is closing the place down. Indeed, if you care, show up.

Jeremiah Moss said...

Eater had reported 4AM. what are the neighbors asking for?

villagegal said...

11:00pm and 12:00am on week-ends. Gabe operates Joseph Leonard until 2:00 with no problem to the neighbors.
Gabe has a proven track record. There are remedies for any potential problems.

villagegal said...

Until Henry died, Fedora was open until well after 2:00. The neighbors either don't know it, because it didn't create problems, or they have forgotten. Fedora historically has had a late night bar crowd. The question is whether or not it's a noisy crowd. Gabe is committed to respecting the peace and tranquility of the neighbors.

Jeremiah Moss said...

it seems like there are issues and questions to be aired and discussed, and that a compromise could be reached that works for the neighborhood and the business.

villagegal said...

Perhaps, but it doesn't help when misinformation gets posted on the internet.

Anonymous said...

Neighbors are asking for a closing time in sync with the neighborhood: Sevilla midnight, Mary's Fish Camp 11pm, I Tri Merli Sun-Thurs midnight, Fri-Sat 2 am, Charles Mon-Thurs midnight, Fri-Sat 1 am, Sun 11 pm.

Feeding restaurant workers after hours should not take priority over residents. We welcome a restaurant like Gabe's just more appropriate hours.

Prophet DeBunker said...

Why should Jeremiah's misinformation suprise anyone? The blog is in the guise of a fictional character - there is NO Jeremiah Moss - so why believe anything he writes? Oh dear me - am i GRUMBLING???

Caleo said...

It's bad enough when developers want to destroy legendary establishments, but when ignorant neighbors want to...well, I don't know what to say.
If people care about this they should make an effort and show up.
What do these neighbors think is going to take the place of Fedora's if they stop the new owner ?
I guarantee some greedy developer asswipe will come in and create something that will REALLY be a serious problem.

GroveStNeighbor said...

I live next door to Joseph Leonard on Grove Street; we're on the second floor and can hear everything that happens on the street. At no point since the restaurant's opening have we encountered disorderly or excessively loud behavior coming from Joseph Leonard. We also walk our dog past the restaurant several times a day -- including the late evening. No poor behavior or loud smokers. The restaurant employees greet us by name and often come outside to say hello when we pass by. We wouldn't care how late they stayed open. They're always respectful neighbors.

Jeremiah Moss said...

i can imagine that the original request for a 4AM close time, which was cut back to 2AM by the Board, made people nervous about Fedora turning into a late-night hotspot.

this is a very typical concern that arises whenever a popular restaurateur wants to open in a neighborhood, and it can often be worked through.

ideally, a compromise will be reached and both sides can come to an agreement that works for everyone who cares about the Fedora. hopefully, we can have our cake and eat there, too.

Anonymous said...

few restaurants exist solely on the patronage of restaurant workers. they never create problems in the wee hours. why? because they are exhausted from being on their feet for hours. and excuse me, but i think restaurant workers are residents, too, not second class citizens as implied in one post. the issue is not the operating hours, but whether or not there are noise problems at any hour. the neighbors could end up with a place open during the hours they demand but noisy, noisy, noisy. be careful what you wish for.