Friday, July 30, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

The Villager covers the closing of Fedora. [Villager]

Get ready for your subway ride to be 1,000 times worse. [Gothamist]

Bloomberg: "all my friends have bedbugs; what am I going to do?" [BU]

Bedbugs spread--in graffiti. [EVG]

In the verbal, persnickety (just the way I like it) Village: Please admonish!

Mott and Houston, then and now. [Dino's]

New York photos from Alex's lost box of the past. [FP]

How to make a bench out of NYPD barricades. [NYS]

A sad goodbye to Village Fabrics. [Blah]

A little yunnie self love outside the LES Whole Foods. [BB]


Anonymous said...

Re: the I (heart) me tee in front of whole foods.

Recently I saw a woman wearing a "NY (heart) Me" tee and I wanted to vomit on her.

hoolsa said...

Shit! Village Fabrics is closing?! Thank God for Joe's on Orchard, otherwise I'd pretty much have to exclusively trek up to the Garment District for fabric.

I already despise the bar or bakery or specialty espresso shop that will be replacing this store. A sad day.