Friday, July 9, 2010



This week we heard the sad news that Carmine's at the Seaport closed after 107 years. It never ceases to amaze me how places so old can just shutter like that, after everything they withstood to survive.

photos: my flickr

As Lost City said, it "was one of the few remnants left of the old, rough, Fulton Fish Market seaport, the streets that Joseph Mitchell walked in his day."

I took these photos a few years ago, the one time I stumbled in, and found the place to be a treasure. I wish I could've gone back for a last meal.

There may be hope. Grieve tells us that a "reliable source told me that the owner is planning on reopening a little further down on Front Street in a few months."


Bryan Swirsky said...

sad, sad, sad news! i was just there with my wife and child two weeks ago and chowed heartily, remembering all the great moments i had in that place. in the mid 80s, i worked in the south street seaport - 1st as a busboy at the fulton steamer and a then as a bar tender and short order cook at the front street restaurant. carmine's was a regular, after-work hang, where i would drink next to cops, locals, tourists and off-duty dockworkers and any other happening individual. irene, the waitress was there years before i arrived in '85 and she was still working there two weeks ago - still with a smile on her face and a graceful as a ballerina in that crammed space. even if they move down the street, it will never be the same. how could it? 107 years in ths SAME location? unheard of. wtf. at this rate, clevelend has more character than nyc.

Unknown said...

I started going to Carmine's in 1969. Loved it. Lots of character. Great food also.