Tuesday, July 13, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

A commenter writes about Fedora: "Passed by this morning and there was a CB2 Notice of Public Hearing taped to the front door, regarding 'Little Wisco, LLC''s application for a liquor license. FWIW, the hearing's tonight at NYU's Silver Bldg." Indeed, this address is up for a new liquor license. This is very bad. See Grub Street for the heart-sickening news.

Take a walk through the artificial landscape of NYC with a photo-cartoon of Douglas Rushkoff by Seth Kushner. [Activate]

"let us older New Yorkers fondly remember a time when St. Mark's Place wasn't a benign tourist stop." [CR]

Faux-Irish Lilly Coogan's will be taken over by the International Bar's owners. Will they bring it back to the days of the Homestead, aka Bucket O'Blood? [EVG]

Remembering the blackout of '77. [CR]


Marty Wombacher said...

It's true, Fedora's is closing, she told me Sunday night. She has health issues and can't keep it going. The last night is July 25th, go and enjoy it while you can.

Starzstylista said...

Relatively speaking SMP was always a tourist stop.