Tuesday, July 20, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

Brooks weighs in on the new Fedora--with mixed feelings. [LC]

The Stage follows in the footsteps of its across-the-avenue neighbor, B&H, and installs a new sign that looks a lot like the old sign. It loses something, but remains true to the original:

Before (from Kitty Kowalski's flickr)


Ludlow at night: "Groups of teetering girls in cocktail dresses, who may have gotten lost on their way to the meatpacking district, are also swarming... a playground for 22-year-olds." [NYT]

Remembering when the music on Saturday Night Live was dangerous. [SYFFL]

St. Mark's has a moment of wonder: "some strange guy putting some kind of geisha makeup on." [SG]

The Kupferberg memorial: "the kind of event that could make an upper-middle-class twenty-something who lives in a market-rate apartment nearby—for example, me—feel that maybe, even now, there still is something to the idea of the East Village." [Tablet]

Penis wars on the Fairey mural and icy wars on Ave A. [EVG] & [EVG]

Tapestries from a bygone Village weaving studio. [BAT]

Get your anti-BP shirts on Orchard. [BB]

St. Vincent's wall of goodbye notes gets washed in green paint...

...but the fence out front gains a Ghost Bike with a very angry note, "If less [fewer] hospitals equal more dead Wall St. thieves, the correction is good--F--you NYC! 2010":


EV Grieve said...

I'm OK with the new Stage sign... it should look nice and worn in not time...

Anonymous said...

"The Stage"? How long has that been there? Is it anything like B&H?

James C. Taylor said...

I don't like the new Stage sign at all. The 3D element of the word "RESTAURANT" has been eliminated, while "Stage" has clearly been written with a font and not a hand. Such is the bland, sterile, personality-stifling corporate design world we live in.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

You scared me with the Stage pics...thought they were the next institution to fall, but no! I have to say I don't mind the new sign - it's a fresher version of the old and may draw new customers who might otherwise think it's a dingy old place.

Jeremiah Moss said...

how long has the Stage been there? i'm not sure--a long time. anyone know? it is sort of like the B&H, physically deep and narrow, with diner food. but it serves meat, unlike the B&H.

Starzstylista said...

I am pretty sure the Stage was there 33 years ago when I moved to SMP & 2nd Ave. There used to be another place like that up on 2nd Avenue near the movie theater - long, skinny, counter only.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the The Stage info. It must have opened after I moved out of the EV, and, sadly, I haven't been back much since.