Monday, January 19, 2009

Kim's and LSD

In one weekend, they were gone.

Mondo Kim's on St. Marks, EV Grieve discovers, has left the building. The devastation has begun--and the collection is off to Sicily.

Read the Kim's saga here:
Kim's to Sicily
Mondo Kim's to Close

Love Saves the Day has also closed for good. The windows are still full of goodies, but the gates are down and it's done.

Wishing this classic "Bon Voyage," a homeless East Villager saw fit to "de-christen" the joint with a splash of Thunderbird piss:

Read more on LSD's closure here:
LSD Closing
Karen's flea market


James Taylor said...

Jeremiah Moss said...

yes, at least it's been immortalized in "susan"

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling one of the few remaining Manhattan record stores is next.

I dont know why but I just have that feeling.


Jesse Archer said...

Won't be sad to see Kims go! They always have the rudest salespeople. I hope it turns back into a gay bathhouse.