Wednesday, January 7, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

Another miserable day at Coney, as the Astroland rocket is removed from the roof of Gregory & Paul's fantastic snack bar. [Curbed]

Is the Chelsea Hotel kicking out Storme DeLarverie, one of the first drag kings and pioneer of the LGBT movement? [LWL]

"Bitter Buyers" more common than bitter renters these days. [Curbed]

Downtown Music Gallery is leaving the Bowery. [EVG]

"After intense criticism, the Bloomberg administration has given up a perk it worked fervently to secure: a free luxury suite at the new Yankee Stadium." [NYT]

Boogie explores one of my favorite spots--the Chinese mall under the Manhattan Bridge. [BBoogie]

This week "the well-heeled LES Business Improvement District" requested a revision of the south of Houston rezoning with "a full 50% more commercial bulk." [SLES]

Credit Crunch: Now with electrolytes!


Anonymous said...

Sorry for off-topic, but Jeremiah, any word on the sudden disappearance of Jubb's Longevity, the well-known juice bar/herbalist on 12th between A and B? They were open before Christmas, and now ... poof.

Jeremiah Moss said...

i don't know jubbs--anyone?

eazibee said...

very glad I discovered your blog, as a fellow New Yorker - one of the few that I will actually come back and check out again and again... really interesting factoids - thanks!

i'd love to hear more from you on the bits of NYC that are in danger but could be saved, or things that we should "grab before they're gone" - as well as the things that have sadly already vanished... E

Sam said...

Ha. Confessions of a Shopaholic. I used to read those books to my girlfriend and her friend in our cramped, stank bedroom in our cramped, dank London flat. Good times.