Thursday, January 15, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

Tipster John Ozed writes, "After 28 years, Farfetched, owned and run by Susan Zappone and Lois Marsilio are being forced out of business due to higher rents at the end of January. Make way for the Goth shoe store!" He said the Halloween Adventure store may be taking over the little gift shop for selling shoes.

Wasn't it just yesterday I said I'm worried for the Pizza Box when Bowery Boogie said, "Pizza Box, please don't go"? Oh yeah, it was the day before yesterday. The Pizza Box was open then. Now Reed of New York Lost writes and sends in this picture: "Bloomberg's health dept shut down pizza box (since 1957)." Coincidence or related to its neighbor's impending demolition?

As for Around the Clock, it's not going for good, though their goodbye and "Thank You For Over 20 Years" sign is ambiguous and the Panya expansion news ominous. A waiter told me they're renovating and will be open again in the spring:

Michael Perlman confirms: We're losing the Cheyenne to Alabama. The buyer, an investment banker named Joel Owens, "has announced plans to restore the Cheyenne to its 1940s glory with potential additions including a classic car museum & special events center. Owens states 'This is a dream come true, especially in a state that has no historic freestanding diners.' Alabama Tourism Director, Lee Sentell, states 'This has the potential to be a great Alabama destination.'"

Let's not forget, Zipper Factory and Cutting Room are history. [Gothamist]

It's been a bad week--but at least the Hubbard House will still be here. [FNY]

And Cindy Adams at the Post wants to see the Landmark Sunshine condemned. Maybe if it turns back into 1992 we'll be okay. [EVG]


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Trish said...

What a drag! Pizza Box was my local slice joint (if not the closest). Arturo's is great but they only sell whole pies so Pizza Box became worth that extra walk when you had a sudden craving. Never knew they were there for 50+ years.
There's three empty storefronts on my Thompson St. Block now, plus over on Sullivan St. Depression Modern and the laundry have closed after 30+ years. It's jarring.

esquared™ said...

I went to buy my Christmas cards at Farfetched this past Holiday, and I tried to engage Lois for some conversation asking if they were going to be around for awhile and how much the neighborhood changed. He said that they'll be there for a a while, but he was pretty much taciturn while looking down the whole time and was dismissive of me. I like the store but for a "mom and pop" shop, they weren't that friendly. Sorry.

Marjorie said...

I read in today's NY Post that Fiamma in Soho and Ruby Foo's on the UWS are closing.

Anonymous said...

Every day I pass by Stogo, the (whateverthefuckitssupposedtobe) ice cream stand that displaced Fontana shoes on East Tenth on my way to Liquiteria on East 11th and Second Ave.

I never see ONE customer in Stogo. EVER.

This leads me to marvel at the mindless greed and stupidity of the landlord who was so eager to remove Fontana, where an old craftsman served his community and had plenty of customers, in favor of this alien thing that NO ONE is patronizing, all in search of a higher rent.

You KNOW the routine: After a few months, like so many other yuppie joints that are out of synch with the neighborhoods they impose themselves on, failing to take root, Stogo will have to go out of business, leaving the uber-greedy landlord with an empty space that pays no rent for a loooong time.

The landlord deserves what he gets, but I feel sorry for Mr. Fontana and his loyal customers, and for the further decimation of our neighborhood....

Anonymous said...

Hey J - I'm guessing you're young. Old enough to have developed a mournful nostalgic appreciation of a savoured NYC way of life. And yet young enough not to realise that what you mourn today was was the new ways that pushed out predecessor ways of life that were mourned by those a little ahead of you. The very essence of life anywhere - but especially NYC - is constant change and morphings. And what you resent displacing your savoured and favoured ways is what in 10 years time will be mourned and pined when the next wave pushes it out. This is life. It is always changing. Catch up and enjoy what you have while you have it - and enjoy how it evolves. Whilst I can appreciate you noting the change - I don't see the need for the bitterness. It's like being bitter about the sun, the clouds, the rain - these things just are. Equally - you should be able to tell from my comments that I'm a bit older than you. Having made that point - I have to say that your bitterness and mourning make great writing - and you do it well.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is right. Also, New York is not its stores.