Tuesday, January 13, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

Magic Shoes is gone--and I do worry for the Pizza Box. [BBoogie]

Washington Square Park blog responds to the lack of Manhattan blogs in the Times piece this weekend. [WSP]

The Times follows up the sad news about the closure of the Amato Opera. [NYT]

Take another look at the bereft Cheyenne Diner--once again in need of a savior. [FNY]

Not dead yet: Our Lady of Vilnius.

Bloomberg to be King Forever. [CR] ...and why he shouldn't be.

We had no idea there were so many people who owned cowboy hats in New York City. [EVG]

Tishman wants to turn the Rainbow Room into office space? Don't we sort of have a glut of that? [Gothamist]


Ken Mac said...

it's particularly weird that NYTimes thinks that there are no Manhattan centric blogs when they run a blogroll on the City page that includes all our Manhattan blogs! nimrods

Niekieno Zmona said...

Re Our Lady of Vilnius: We are very thankful to be "not dead yet" and we hope our demise will be a natural one at the end of a long life, perhaps another century. The Archdioces voices every confidence that their agenda will prevail, as well it should: they have a lot more influence and resources at their disposal than we do. The church was started at the initiative of the people with the guidance of a worker priest. My ancestors thought that they were building something for posterity. I want to keep this building standing as a testimony to their innocent faith and hope. All innocent faith and hope.