Tuesday, January 20, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

It's a new day in America. Read the inaugural poem here.

Construction has been buzzing at the defunct Burritoville in the EV. When I spoke to the vice president of Burritoville in September, he told me there were plans to reopen some locations and expand, but that was the last I heard and clearly the local mini-chain is done for. Replacing this one on 2nd Ave? A peek through the cracks has revealed: It will be a Subway.

Grieve treks across the frozen tundra of the EV to track the abominable snow penis, aka, the Penistrator, and he finds a gold mine on 13th St., ground zero for assholes (thanks to A Bldg). [EVG]

A classic stoplight is decapitated in Forest Hills. [FNY]

The official plan for murdering Coney Island (whatever's left of it) to be presented today. [Gothamist]

Is Bloomberg killing Nathan's Famous, too? Maybe, maybe not. [Eater]

Portrait of a shopgirl's loneliness in a high-end ice-cream parlor, during rush hour, on a snowy evening in the middle of the New Great Depression:


Anonymous said...

J, your portrait of the lonely shop girl in an upscale ice cream store is more than wonderful ..... it's the Hopper for the ND (New Depression).

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if other decent local mini chains are in trouble - I just noticed the Universal News at Broadway and Broome has vanished. Also, the Grey's Papaya at Clinton and Delancey is gone and along with the great old cuchifritos lunchcounter across the street.

Unknown said...

that ice cream shop has probably looked like that every winter. you have to be an ice cream fiend with way too much money to buy that in a snowstorm.

Anonymous said...

Unless they've got Mr. Fontana in the back with his old machinery to fix shoes, as I've said before, except for photo-ops with movie "stars," NO ONE is ever going to patronize this yuppie icecream dive that will soon be gone. (Your photo demonstrates this nicely!)

Maybe, just maybe, if the landlord crawls on his hands and knees, he can induce Mr. Fontana to come back once this yuppie dreck is out of there....

L'Emmerdeur said...

Folks finally joining me on my New Depression high horsey? Welcome! I've been waiting here since 2004.

Kinda lonely, I must say.