Friday, January 23, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

Don't forget to go to Dixon Place tomorrow night for the Vanishing City extravaganza.

I really cannot even think about beloved Ray's Candy vanishing. [Villager]

Last summer was the last summer of Coney Island as we knew it. Someone, thankfully, made a movie. [Stupefaction]

The battle of Bespoke vs. Blog is on. [BBoogie] and [EVG]

Per this post on the Square Diner, NYC Dreamin dug up this great photo of the place from the 1970s:

photo by Tony Marciante

The Holland Bar saga continues. [Eater]

Another goodbye to Mondo Kim's and its empty shelves. [Furnace]

James and Karla Murray's Brooklyn Storefront exhibit is extended through March. [BH]


Anonymous said...

The Brooklyn storefront exhibit is great. You may also enjoy "Street Art Street Life" at the Bronx Museum.

The bloggah said...

This is such a wonderful blog, but you've got me homesick for the energy of my beloved NYC.

James and Karla Murray said...

Thanks so much for posting info about our exhibit on your site. We hope that more people like yourself realize the importance of documenting and preserving these mom-and-pop stores.
-James and Karla Murray