Tuesday, January 6, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

Z ya later: A St. Marks tipster says, "i'm looking out my window and seeing movers packing up the recently opened David Z across the street. one small victory against the banal will not make up for the many other losses in the EV."

What's happening with that Karl Fischer glass hotel going up on 13th Street? Absolutely nothing--it's been sitting like this since the big demolition last April:

The economic bust has saved another one! The Emerald Inn will live to see us through the Depression. [EVG]

Art deco Metro Theater to become an Urban Outfitters. [CR]

Bleecker to get its nine-millionth Marc Jacobs store. [Racked]


Anonymous said...

I'm very much enjoying your blog, as I make plans to move to NY and have several friends talking to me about the same kinds of changes you talk about.

wordsonthestall said...

the spot on 13th is bothersome. why can't they just grow some grass in the meantime?

Anonymous said...

Manhattan real estate market tanking? Inevitable. The unemployed will be unable to pay mortgages and monthly fees. Will be quite interesting to see how it plays out. The Elf Mayor for Life has put off building affordable housing. Well, read his lips!

Anonymous said...

Did you see this one?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, now we only have six other other crappy David Z stores to choose from.........maybe St Marks will get what it really needs....A Cupcake place, duh!

V + N said...

Wow, just found your blog and as a former New Yorker I'm really sad about all these changes taking place.