Thursday, January 8, 2009

Action Care

Reggie Fitzgerald Triangle, right off Jackson Square, has lost yet another small neighborhood business. We knew this was coming for a while--the place has had a For Lease sign on it since the summer. But now Action Care Pharmacy, "The best kept secret in the Village," has shuttered.

The plate-glass window is filled with copies of a heartfelt goodbye sign: "Thank you for over 12 years of kindness, friendship and support."

In 2005, Crumpler moved in to this little corner, where Horatio meets West 4th, along with Pasita Wine Bar in 2006 and then an upscale boutique. Then Nick's Hairstylists became a Freeman's. Now all that's left is Miles Tinsmith and Mrs. R. Reese Spiritual Healer & Psychic--and that building has the wan pallor of doom all over it.

It's astounding how this little corner of the city has been so quickly disemboweled. It's almost like voodoo magic.

Horatio, we hardly know you.

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Chocoboknight99 said...

Looks like everyone's having tough times these days:(

Anonymous said...

Action Care Pharmacy may have combined with CVS/Pharma Care on 2nd Avenue between St. Mark's and 9th Street. Not sure.

Anonymous said...

I once lived about a block from this triangle. What's going to be here now? Hotel? Bank? Something to service the upscale residents of One Jackson?

Jeremiah Moss said...

a boutique that sells doggie couture--sweaters, jackets, etc.--would be appropriate i think.

Anonymous said...

To be a bit of a devil's advocate: The boutique on the block, if I remember correctly, is Darling, a relatively low priced (for what it is) and bargain oriented women's clothing store that doesn't project any kind of aloof attitude, and is very much a model small business. On the other hand, I never perceived any psychic businesses as anything but completely silly.