Thursday, January 29, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

Another diner lost? The Miss Williamsburg goes up in flames. [INS]

More news from the Astroland Rocket. [NYT]

A closer look at the Hotel Carter, America's dirtiest hotel. [EVG]

Starbucks lurches ever closer to death. [NYT]

Will 2009 be the Year of the Tenant? [RS]


Unknown said...

Out of desperation, I spent a night in the Carter back in the day. That goes down in history as one of my first "New York moments". I can still feel the jack-hammers...

Anonymous said...

Sadly, that story in the times is very real.

what a bunch of self loathing sycophantic yenta's.

Anonymous said...

No Way! I drive by that diner everyday, for years. Just part of the overall facelift of the city. When they can't build it they choose to destroy it, and with it go all the history of the good times that were spent in that building. What remain are the memories.

F- the memories! I want the real thing back. The Old Clubs, the Divey bars, the Sex Shows, Bring it all back. Pre-Guilliani hooray! Dinkins wasn't perfect, but atleast he loved his city.