Monday, January 5, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

Maybe we shouldn't get our hopes up by recent news that Jefferson Market is coming back to life. A commenter here writes: "Jefferson Market is being taken over by Gristede's. I saw the trucks and a man also confessed." I followed up with the commenter, who told me they're keeping the name Jefferson Market, but "It will be a different store, just a Gristedes with a different name." Can anyone confirm?

New York City just cannot hold on to its treasures--last week it was Kim's videos to Sicily, now we hear the Gotham Book Mart collection is going to UPenn. [CR]

Uncover the lost city in photos by Bruce Barone. [FP]

Remember the Caledonia's "library," which I wrote about here? Well, it's always empty. Says one renter, “The library is cool, but I’ve never used it, ever." [NYT]

Santa comes out as a queer polar bear at Nino's Pizza on St. Marks. And he's in search of a bootblack. Woof!

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Wolynski said...

Great blog. Stop. I left my beloved New York - it became a town of corporate yobs. I'm in Vegas now. Used to be for everyone, now everything is luxury, luxury, luxury. Where do regular folk and artists go now?

Anonymous said...

I followed your link to Flaming Pablum. My visit there inspired me to write this comment: Thank you, Jeremiah, for sharing with us your good writing. And for never using the phrase "reached out." For "reached out" is to normal, plainspoken and sincere English what public relations "professionals," drunken Upper East Siders and sorority girls are to the East Village.

Anonymous said...

Well, then allow me to reach out to you, Mr. Anonymous, and flip you the sincere bird. Got a problem with my wording,why not let *me* know about it?

Hena Tayeb said...

that Santa pic is hliarious

Anonymous said...

Whether or not Vaknin is correct, writing is beyond woeful, he doesn't even try to build a sound argument, and ultimately, doesn't even paint any picture (warranted or not) aside from his doctrinal conception of narcissism. He seems to try to bridge ethics and psychiatry but clearly has little clue about either. To top it off, google search paints him as at least potentially skeevy and hyperbolic, and less than qualified to diagnose the faults underlying the entire financial crisis, supporting whatever skepticism his writing engenders in the first place.