Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Googling NYC 2001

Offering a beautiful way to waste some quality time at work today, EV Grieve points us to Google's anniversary stunt, a virtual time-machine back to 2001 via their oldest search engine available. In this alternate universe, there is no Chocolates by the Bald Man, no Lower East Side towering condos and luxury hotels, no Pinkberry, no Gwathmey Astor Place--and no Jeremiah's Vanishing New York, for that matter.

It is staggering how much has changed in a mere 7 years.

photo: harrisj's flickr

A search for gentrification and "east village" yields the following description of the neighborhood from a realtor:

DRAWS: Lots of thrift and health-food stores. A 30-year resident, points to the cultural and artistic landmarks such as La MaMa, Performance Space 122, the Nuyorican CafĂ©, and CBGB that have managed to hold on despite gentrification: “It’s still a place where musicians and artists work,” he says.

DRAWBACKS: No subway east of First Avenue; scarce bank branches; no gyms; and no really outstanding Chinese restaurants. The supermarkets are decidedly C-list. Even the most enlightened yuppies are a bit scared of the housing projects on 4th and 6th Streets and the East River. And a painter, would like to see more diversity in age, style, and dress. “Everybody takes on a certain struggling-artist look,” she complains.

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J, that one deserves the Wallis Simpson Award for 2008!