Wednesday, October 15, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

Remember all those stores being renovated across from Jackson Square Park? Ones like Soapology and Steven Alan are reopening--however, the Sweetheart Coffee Bakery thus far does not appear to be making a comeback:

I just like this shot of the old-school artisan at work on his gold-leaf signage:

"There was a time when many of us flocked downtown because it was the place where bizarre club kids, oddly seductive poet-drunks and scary-cool experimental theater types went. Now downtown is a glossy lifestyle magazine come to life, a place where tourists go to track down that 'authentic' street used in a fashion shoot or in last week's episode of 'Gossip Girl.' [Times]

From Canada, an inside look at what one author calls "The Dumbest Generation." [G&M]

State Senator Kevin Parker calls Bloomberg "the worst kind of petty, grubby little politician that anybody has ever seen in this city." [Gothamist]

Akron's not so bad. [EVG]

The old Bowery in black and white. [BBoogie]

10/18: Walk to save Brooklyn in the bootprint of the Atlantic Yards project. [DDDB]


Anonymous said...

Save Brooklyn from those fucking yuppies,yunnies and hipster asshats

Anonymous said...

There used to be a wonderful pizza stand, next to a green grocer at W. 13th & Eighth -- is it still there? Am sure no one at One Jackson would lower themselves to get a slice.

Jeremiah Moss said...

village pizza is still there--for now

Anonymous said...

j, thanks! am happy the pizza place is still surviving.

Marjorie said...

Remember Jon Vie bakery? It was located on 6th Avenue at about 12th Street. I almost cried when I passed and saw it was gone... and now in the space is a Blue Jeans store. I can remember Sutter's, around the corner from the infamous Women's House of Detention, and the Loew's Sheridan, and the recently vanished Bright Food Shop. I could go on, but the day has almost passed into darkness and I am curious to see if the poster shop on 18th Street is still there, so off I go. (This blog has motivated me to have lunch soon at Zafi's.)