Wednesday, October 8, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

The quirky laundromat with insurance sales and notary services in the basement, on 9th Ave and 20th St, has closed. "Nancy & Crew" lost their lease in the continued high-ending of this Chelsea stretch:

Bowlmor CEO hails the past decade's upscaling of bowling: "It looks like an art gallery you can bowl in." [Gothamist]

Ed Koch on today's NYC: "We don't have enough housing," particularly "affordable housing... people simply cannot afford housing if they're not super-rich in New York City unless they get subsidies." [Voice]

More narcissism news... Re: Wall Street traders: "There have been a lot of studies that have found narcissistic leaders tend to have volatile and risky decision-making performance and can be ineffective and potentially destructive leaders." [yahoo]

How are those Wall Street leaders spending their bail-out money? How about $23,280 on mani-pedis, plus another $400,000+ on more crap. I want my money back. [USA]

Want to save Coney, Atlantic Yard, Willets Point, et al? Deny Bloomie a stolen third term. [Curbed]

Bar-owner hopefuls try promising the East Village: “no lines, no smoking out front and no cell phones," as all of the above wreaks havoc on the neighborhood. [TONY] via [EVG]

East Harlem rezoning plan goes through--goodbye El Barrio. [Gothamist]


Anonymous said...

Good riddance to that awful laundromat and its horrible washing machines and worthless broken dryers. It was the most mismanaged inept laundry you could possibly imagine. Rather than worshipping these lousy crappy storefronts that are closing on lower Ninth Avenue, perhaps embrace change.

Anonymous said...

the pseudopod of the gentrification amoeba oozes deeper into el barrio. i wonder what de la vega will have to say?

Anonymous said...

When I lived on the UES I used to follow de la vega around with a super-soaker and erase his stupid sidewalk scrawls. only the kind of stuff a blogger could love.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Morris M. likes to lurk on your blog along with his bratty minions. lulz.

Unknown said...

"There is a rose in Spanish Harlem" and it ain't (sic) redevelopment. It is striking to me just how right you are. The *real* city that was New York is fast disappearing to be replaced by a vast sanitized shopping mall and compound for the rich. Real people need not apply. The most tragic thing of it is, "creative people need not apply." Good bye to 100+ years of New York giving America her popular culture as well as innovation. "It Was Great Fun, But It was Just One Of Those Things..." Once the children are gone (and they are fast disappearing) a city dies in many ways. Tragic. I hope I don't have nightmares tonight.