Friday, October 17, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

To the annals of unsung anti-yunnification heroes, an as-yet unwritten list that includes That Guy Who Urinates on Soho's Delicatessan, we must now add The Guy Who Lives Above Death & Co. [Eater]

The fires of He
ll have been lit for the supermen and women of the Platinum Condo. [LC]

Domino Sugar Factory opens to public this Sunday. [Gothamist]

Now that folks are in the fighting spirit, here's the list of bars looking for a liquor license on the LES. Monday October 20: Go get 'em! [SLES]

Noise complaints send exclusive Eldridge club into further exclusivity. [Gothamist]

Check out the lovely Subway why doesn't someone open a bar like this down here? [GVDP]


Anonymous said...

i've never understood why people live in heavily populated areas filled with bars & restaurants. moving to a quiet area seems like normal progression for these types. i worked in a bar where the new neighbors came out to complain that their baby couldn't sleep at night. now call me insane, but why on earth would you move above a bar when you're about to give birth? not even worth discussing, because it's just that obvious.

i do remember when Avenue A. started to become a hot spot & people were tossing popcorn kernels & wet napkins out their windows. I also remember when the Cloister Cafe on 9th was a great inexpensive restaurant & they had an upstairs neighbor who would toss buckets of water on the patrons dining in the garden. i knew the spot she tossed onto, so i declined sitting there once, but it amazed me that they still sat people there. they should have killed her & not the great meals.

Anonymous said...

Sb-- the people did not move "in heavily populated areas filled with bars & restaurants".

the bars and restaurants moved into those neighborhodd, which are/were mostly a residential area, much like what Delicatessen did to Spring St. and tese trendy bara/lounges in EV and LES.

Anonymous said...

the people did not move "in heavily populated areas filled with bars & restaurants"

In some cases that is true, in other cases it's truly debatable. a friend of mine opened a bar in an area that was flooded with bars & it was an area well known for its nightlife. The natives who were there before the changes happened never complained. The newcomers that needed their beauty sleep for an early start at Condé Nast did all of the complaining. 2 sides to every coin.