Friday, October 24, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

"Mayor Bloomberg is morphing into our very own Vladimir Putin and Marty Markowitz into Brooklyn’s own low-rent version of Napoleon." [GL]

“The people of the city will long remember what we have done here today, and the people will be unforgiving,” Mr. de Blasio said. “We are stealing like a thief in the night their right to shape our democracy.” [CR]

"Me, I’m just writing this day down as one more reason to get out of NYC. The Billionaires, it would seem, really have taken over. And you, you have no say in what happens next…" [AngryNYer]

Who says the City Council's overturning of term limits is "disgraceful"?

When asked if she was threatened by Bloomberg or Quinn to change her vote, one councilwoman simply responded, "I don’t want to discuss it." Some cry foul play. [CR]

"the argument for extending the two-term limit for Mr. that the city needs someone with his financial acumen to help weather the fallout from the banking crisis. The biggest problem with that argument is that Mr. Bloomberg hasn't been very adept at managing the city's finances, even though he's had record revenues to work with." [WSJ]

Angry mob tells Bloomberg to "get the hell out of town" as he grinningly climbs into his giant SUV. [VV]

And, for your reading pleasure, if you haven't already had the chance, check out The Bloomberg Way--so you can spend the weekend arguing with friends and family who insist this is all a good thing.


BklynRed said...

J, I've been reading your blog for months and I too have a blog. I'd like to use your last two entries on my blog --
Let me know if I have permission. You're a great writer. I lived in NYC until right after 9/11 when I literally lost it! I'll give you credit on my blog. Let me know and GREAT JOB, keep writing!
By the way, my opinion is Bloomberg is turning NYC into his own little "Emerald City" and out with the poor! Shame on him!

Anonymous said...

FYI, your blog was mentioned in a piece on the rudeness of text messaging and twitter today in AM NY. :)

Jeremiah Moss said...

thanks bklynred. sure you can quote me and thanks for the link. let's hope the voters don't forget next year.

Jeremiah Moss said...

anon: yes, i saw that, thanks! i would have linked to it here but i wanted to keep today's chatter all about bloomie.

Anonymous said...

My mother is from Manhattan.

My father is from Washington DC.

Both of my parents share stories with me of growing up in their repective hometowns back in the days.

One of which is a story of how residents displeased with the mayor would actually throw things at him or her when they would see him or her in public.

Does anybody on here remember this?

City residents must have been a much tuffer breed back then.

My mothers most unfavorite mayor of all time... David Dinkins.

My fathers most unfavorite mayor of all time... Sharon Pratt Kelly.

The early 1990s must have really really really SUCKED compared to now.

Anonymous said...

Why aren't there riots going on in the streets right now?

Is the general public too ignorant to realize what is going on here?

Have residents become too pussified in this day and age?

Anonymous said...

Another term in office for the Elf Mayor?
Why not another White House term for the Abuser-in-Chief?
Ms. Quinn is beginning to smell like a used car.
The center is not holding.

Anonymous said...

He sure pushed his weight around and got what he wanyted--but then again--there will be another election--let's see what up

Anonymous said...

Since NY is now all about money, why not have Cindy McCain as Mayor. Surely, she wouldn't whine like the Elf Mayor does.