Thursday, October 23, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

The Cooper Union "communal hive" has sprouted giant wings:

Another Cemusa typo
. First it was Bowery Street, now it's Frederick Douglass Blvd. [CR]

Silencing, cajoling, horse-trading, and arm-twisting--these may be appropriate tactics for a CEO and owner of a private company, but when an elected public official uses them, doesn't it sort of sound illegal? [Times]

Looking forward to Synecdoche, New York? Read an interview with Charlie Kaufman. [Gothamist]

Here's another peek into Nom Wah--any news about its reopening? [BPH]

No urinating on The Ludlow! [BBoogie]

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Nick said...

Well, Emperor Bloomberg just got his greenlight.

Nice democracy we had once...