Wednesday, October 22, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

Is the city addicted to real estate? Check out the new book by Tom Angotti, "New York For Sale." Hey, it's the Bloomberg Way. [CR]

Mass evictions underway at The Chelsea. [LWL]

Kim's is getting so much love--The Observer and Nerve both covered the story. And now it's official: The new Kim's opens tomorrow, 10/23, on 1st Ave, according to the signs in the window.

That Recession graffiti on the 8th and University Capital One? It's been quickly and efficiently painted over...but not before making the cover of Washington Square News:

The neighbors and Community Board are not happy with the bank's sidewalk-hogging plywood. Writes one VNY reader: "The bank's intent to 'squat' on the build on the footprint of the old BBQ's former outdoor illegal and wrong. Your readers, rather than venting their righteous fury in impotent graffiti, could then write, call and email their council people, the state senator and the bank itself and tell them they do not want this bank illegally taking up the sidewalk."

More and more insane development to be wedged into the LES--and another house of worship is going synagondo, except it's a church this time. [EVG]

But hope yet springs: How do you stop a bar from getting a liquor license? Just show up and make some noise. Apparently, it works. [SLES]

Check out this new video about the 1939 World's Fair. [NYPL]

An illuminating article by Michael Gross about the transformation of Bond Street and its former 1970s life. [NYO]

While we're erasing the past, why not just erase unwanted memories from the brain, too? [yahoo]

In August I reported the 8th St. Salvation Army might be closing. Well, it's closed. Seems like bad timing--with the economy in freefall, we could use some more thrift:


Anonymous said...

The city addicted to real estate is like you being addicted to your hatred of the yunnies and blogging about them. Look unto yourself first MOos, before passing judgment to everyone else.

Anonymous said...

I don't think there are any withdrawal symptoms when young urban narcissists abandon your neighborhood -- there's just relief, like when the refrigerator compressor shuts off.

Opposing a liquor license at the community board is just the first step. The State Liquor Authority has final say, so it's often necessary to haul your neighbors up to 125th Street on hearing day and speak out, preferably with letters from local electeds.

Anonymous said...

ever notice that these verbal drive-bys (see above comment) are always anonymous. kinda like when i was punk rock back in 80's and jocks and rednecks would scream sh#t at me as they drove by at 30 mph.
anyways, i just wanted to say that i walked down 8th street recently and was surprised to see that every other storefront was vacant between 5th and 6th ave. is it the economy or is everyone's lease ending at the same time?

Anonymous said...

how to best oppose yunnie (braindead white middle american) "culture"?

I think of Gandhi:
- means are ends
- "We win justice quickest by rendering it to the other party first."

If means are ends, I suppose that means to celebrate and embody a culture that embraces community and unique individual expressions.

Rendering justice to the yunnies first? Not excusing or turning a blind eye to their crap, and not giving in but not getting sucked into the lose/lose black hole of hating? Love the yunnies? A firm, loving "no" has more power than a weak "yes."

Just throwing some shit out there. I love this site and JM's words and ideas have helped me clarify my own, just want to see it keep moving.

We are in a reorganizing period. Best to be clear on what we oppose, want and value. The things we need most we can only have together.

Anonymous said...

The local BID, The Village Alliance has a lot to do with what is happening on 8th St. They want to turn it into a "Culinary Destination", and to appeal more to the area's "affluent" crowd by bringing in luxury restaurants and bars, and pushing out the shoe stores + everyone else ( That article is the only information I can find on just what is going down on 8th St. with all of these store closings. It is pretty obvious to everyone who has seen 8th St. recently that something is going on...