Tuesday, October 21, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

Blame Starbucks for financial woes: "The higher the concentration of expensive, nautically themed, faux-Italian-branded Frappuccino joints in a country's financial capital, the more likely the country is to have suffered catastrophic financial losses." [Slate] via [Eater]

Now coming to a digitized bus billboard near you--because drivers need more TV ads to watch. [Gothamist]

The blue fencing has come down from around the Balazs Standard Hotel, revealing a hodgepodge of lobby facades and outbuildings. I am no architecture expert, but none of these look like they're in the same style. Reminds me of the suburban FrankenMansion way of building. From the sprawling compound, here's one lobby facade, with bright yellow canister doorway (?). Kinda looks like IKEA. Click for more photos here:

What's it liked to be sealed into a concrete tomb? Watch this video from East 13th Street. [EVG]

A startling before-and-after of the once mysterious and wondrous 11 Spring. [FP]

Yet, with all the super-gentrificating, scary guys with knives are returning to Avenue A. [NMNL]

And in some parts of the LES, a white guy can still be called a "cracker." [CR]

And, here and there, people are still doing some amazing things with bicycles--didn't know you could "Brazil" your ride. [HG]

...speaking of the transformation of 7th Street, check out this report from last night's CB3 meeting: "The owner of Klimat Bar on E.7th St., in particular, did little to appease area haters while applying for an upgrade to a full liquor license. After a resident of an apartment above the bar started to tear up while describing how he couldn't open his windows because of the noise and because of the smoke and because he has emphysema, proprietor Peter Koziej couldn't help but crack a grin. Oops! Immediately everyone in the room began to boo and shout taunts. Koziej wiped the smile off his face, but it was too late: denied, with nary a vote in his favor." [Eater]


Anonymous said...

I believe Balasz used a different acrhitect for the junk at the bottom...

Bob Arihood said...

Truth is Jeremiah the knives and guns never did leave avenue A .Now there are simply a few more desparate folks around who will display what they always had . Shootings ,you know are up in the 'hood .

concerning this incident I have to wonder why didn't this couple just run and to-hell with the sausage buying .This for me is the more amazing feature of this little tale of avenue A.

Jeremiah Moss said...

bob, are you saying they actually bought him the sausage?

Bob Arihood said...

Yes Jeremiah , they bought him the sausage .

According to Ray, they told him that they were too afraid to run .they asked Ray to call the police .

they could have just run away very easily . This is a perfect example of the kind of clueless flesh that has migrated to the EV from where ever . .

I saw them very abruptly hand the sausage to guy that threatened them and then scurry off into the avenue A night .

A few minutes later the pictured man with his sausage tried to trade the sausage for the money to buy a beer .No one was interested in such a deal

You can't read the paper in the picture but it is a command for this gentleman to appear in criminal court in December .