Tuesday, October 14, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

Last year, the "coming soon" of North Fork to the former BBQ at 8th and University got some anti-bank signage...

...Then North Fork, which never came, morphed into Capital One, which is still "coming soon." Today, it's nice to see this location remains a favorite target for folks fed up with banks:

"The enduring narrative of New York real estate has been for at least a decade, of course, about the transformation spawned by gentrification. But what happens to gentrification when the market slows down?" [NYO]

More info about the second coming of Chelsea's Antiques Garage, recently snatched from the jaws of death. [CN]

"If NYC residents could hope for anything good to come out of this economic crisis, it would be this: the rollback of gentrification." See the map. [Gawker]

Abel Ferrara is making a documentary about Little Italy and its threatened San Gennaro Feast, "an elegy for a neighborhood eroded by gentrification." [Times]

Senior citizen to be evicted by elite Park Slope school, draws ire from blog readers for being a "retard." [Curbed]

Tavern on the Green is being circled by sharks while the owner tries to stay alive and kicking. [Gothamist]

Mental health professionals doing okay in New York's new age of anxiety--Wall Streeters not so much. [NYO]

Gay Talese wonders why so many people, in supposedly broke New York, would wait in line for $50 jeans. [DB]

Stuyvesant Polyclinic's new tenants to ask the weirdly punctuated "?What If!" in the almost Mansion of Death. [EVG]

I don't hate everything new, really, but I am not happy to hear about these new F trains. I like the nice, citrusy insides of the existing ones. Besides, the lighting on the new cars is too bright and I have a grudge against them since they replaced the old Redbirds. To think of my F at the bottom of the sea is painful. [LC]


Anonymous said...

Tavern on the Green is overrated and overpriced in the first place , AND a tourist trap. Service and food are horrible. I wouldn't mind Nobu or another luxe restaurant taking over that place.

Anonymous said...

Gothamist sucks! they are just a re-blogger of news.

Anonymous said...

Curbed and browntoner readers are notoriously hostile toward renters; gawker and gothamist readers are notoriously hostile.


Anonymous said...

>>>Besides, the lighting on the new cars is too bright and I have a grudge against them since they replaced the old Redbirds. <<<

Nope, the Redbirds (R33-R36) were IRT cars and didn't run on the F, and IND/BMT line.

The new cars on the F replaced the R46 (orange seats) and R32 (corrugated outsides, icebox AC in summer)


Jeremiah Moss said...

i mean the same car type replaced the redbirds that used to be the 6 trains. i think that's when these bright, shiny ones were first introduced--maybe you know...?

Colonnade Row said...

I've been leaving my 'deposits' in front of those hideous impending banks at 8th/Uni for months now.

Anonymous said...

As a resident of Flushing I'm still nostalgic for the old redbirds that ran on the 7 line up until about five years ago. The R33 was a little reminder of New York's golden age of the early 1960s - nothing fancy, just solid, practical cars. I must admit however that I do not share your affinity for the R46 cars that currently run on the F line. While the Redbirds had a more or less timeless interior, the R46s just scream 70s (in a bad way). I'm not a fan of the pale yellow lighting or the hideous yellow and orange seats (seats being the key word, I much prefer a long, uninterrupted bench for a seat), nor am I too fond of the severe mechanical pitfalls of the train itself. As much as I like to wax nostalgic here the R46 is one train I won't mind seeing go. Call me a sellout and a yuppie but I kind of like the sleek new trains that run under Lexington Avenue.