Thursday, October 16, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

After yesterday's post on East Harlem, and now today's New York Post story on how East Harlem is the place to buy, buy, buy, here's some dissuasion for investors--detailed signage found smack in the middle of all those bright and shiny condos:

Visiting the defunct Strand Annex, where "Marx was right" all along. Karl or Groucho? [EVG]

Remember the unschooling Mom who wrote a blog post about how she keeps her kid up in bars late at night so she has the mornings to work on her novel? Well, the Times jumped all over that. [Times] NYC get swallowed by climate change floods at the Museum of Natural History. [Gothamist]

City buys big chunk of Coney Island. Why do I not feel comforted? [GL]

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Ken Mac said...

Frightened citizens with their doors locked, the City covered in fifty feet of water, Coney Island turned into an armed camp for rich escapees, where's WIll Smith when you need him?