Monday, October 27, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

So what's up with the bar on 2nd Ave and 4th St? Why can't they decide on a name? And how much money are they spending on awnings? First it was The Bar. Then it was bra-dancing 2 by 4. Last month it became the supposedly upscale Ambiance. And now: E4olution?

"Bankers and brokers looking to escape the financial meltdown are scrambling to relocate their families, possessions and rarified talent far from Wall Street to places such as Florida, Chicago, Milwaukee, Virginia and Asia." [Curbed]

"Many in New York have delighted, at least a little, in a sense of schadenfreude over investment-banker woes, having viewed them as a greedy breed that helped homogenize and gentrify the city." [Times] via [EVG]

The economic downturn is good for the city's tailors. The mending upturn has come too late for Mili and Balabanis, but it may help keep Gino alive. [Times]

Fight to save Met Foods succeeds, the Clam Shell salads will continue to be sold for $3.99 each, and the Ratner's "R" will be preserved. And I'll still be able to buy my groceries. [Villager] via [EVG]

But the losses keep coming: Two Boots Pioneer Theater to shutter, thanks to rising rents in the EV. [NY] via [EVG]

Here I am, complaining about text messaging. [AMNY]


Anonymous said...

I am so sad to read the obit for Two Boots; it was such a special theater in this era of mega-plexes. What will replace it? A hi-rise glass condo? Maybe an upscale restaurant serving free range squid?

BTW, what's happened to the restaurant once known as Florent?

Anonymous said...

nooooo! pioneer theater is important, they screen so many films that would otherwise be impossible to see on the "big" screen in this city.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

Yay for Met Foods!

But, sadness for the Pioneer. I was wondering when this would happen, actually. After Two Boots closed half the video store (and the Mo Pitkins disaster), things didn't look good.

FunkeeDeeva said...

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Anonymous said...

two boots has another place on LES,right??can they do a film thing there or is the place too small???