Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 Vanishings

From the very old to the very young, New York lost many good things this year. The leading cause of death was greed, though there were a few other causes, such as structural collapse or a family death. The majority just couldn't pay the rent in this city. My choices came from the pages of this blog, and I am sure I've missed many. Please add your own favorites in the Comments section.

Hilly Kristal is the only person I listed, but I think of the many others who've vanished, not only to death, but eviction. Like the residents of the Breslin Hotel and other victims of development, eminent domain, and rising rents. New York is hemhorraging creative people.

I added Chumley's because while they claim to be rebuilding, whatever rises will not be the same, and Chumley's, the original, is surely dead.

That's it for the notes. I think the list, with its links and tally of years, can speak for itself. Combined, we've seen close to 1,000 years of New York history vanish in 2007.

1551 Broadway: 112 years old

Gertel's: 93 years old

The Playpen Theater: 91 years old

Chumley's: 79 years old

Jade Mountain: 76 years old

Hilly Kristal (& the spirit of CBGB's): 75 years old

Gordon Novelty Shop Signage: 73 years old

Moondance Diner: exact age unknown, in its 70s

Kurowycky Meats: 52 years old

The Funny Store: 50 years old

Copeland's: 49 years old

Donuts Coffee Shop: 32 years old

Sucelt: 31 years old

Teresa's: approximately 22 years old

Dick's Bar: age unknown

7th Avenue Books: 6 years old


Unknown said...

Isn't Chumley's suppose to reopen?

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

Dear Jeremiah:
Thanks for the continued high level of reporting with your powerful photos and insights...your caring.

I get so tired for all the battles re: this tsunami of community crushing development that I can't keep up.

I praised you on my blog and than did a short list of who has survived -- who remains in 2008 for now...
and they are very loved by the community.
Whole Earth Bakery and Kitchen at least until through January

Big industrial strength hugs and love especially to those who have sent me support.

McBends said...

I just learned, with great shock, that the Dojo on St. Mark's closed in 2007. I was thinking about it last week and decided to Google it. I still can't believe it. (The other one just doesn't count.)