Thursday, December 13, 2007

Say Goodbye to Sucelt

photo of Jehnny Navarro: The Villager

I had lunch today at Sucelt. With just over a week to go before they close on Christmas Eve, each lunch feels like the Last Supper. I ordered extra plantains, just to get as much as I could. I also placed an order for a dozen beef empanadas, for freezing and reheating after Sucelt is gone.

Like Romy Ashby said in a recent interview, when your friends are dying "you want to sit by their bedsides and tell them how much you love them."

Friday 12/14 is a good day to visit the deathbed of Sucelt and show it some love. Jehnny the owner told me that Channel 4 News will be there sometime around or after 4:00, and she would like to urge her fans to show up and tell the cameras how important such places are to the people of the city. (Call first to make sure it's happening: 212-242-0593.) Her mother will be there, too, the original Sucelt. And Jehnny is going to try and find some Sucelt t-shirts to give away. She says, "I'll be crying. I look okay now, but I'll be crying."


Sunnysider said...

Rags a Go Go is also planning its departure...can't afford to do business on 14th Street anymore...she may be moving away altogether. Locally-owned business should be saved in Chelsea area--this seems like a rapidly worsening problem.

Unknown said...

i started eating at sucelt in 1988 when i first moved to new york. making a living as a street performer, a plate of rice and beans for two bucks was no joke. i've made a lot of music over the years on a stomach full of sucelt food. i'm sad to see sucelt go.