Tuesday, December 11, 2007

*Everyday Chatter

The message is clear. On the new Lower East Side, if you've got the money to afford it, you're encouraged to behave as a complete and utter narcissist:

Ode to Joy: Tipster Cole wrote in to say he was watching The View when "Joy Behar was complaining about the proliferation of bank branches throughout the city, how they were running out the small businesses, the services, the mom & pops. This is the first time I've seen this recognition, let alone an attendant tirade, on television."

Tipster Sally writes to say that last night's rally against Cooper Square Hotel part 2 attracted about 50 people and spawned a fabulous new chant, "Go vomit on your own front door!" She adds that CB3 "imposed a lot of restrictions that they don't usually do, because of the particular and deliberately greedy design... They were saying things like no parties in that penthouse." The hoteliers did not go for that.

The Playpen has gone topless:

Another brainwashed Starbucks supplicant begs the global giant to come to the Bronx and the giant grants his wish. The Corcoran people think Starbucks adds "a certain chicness." Chic? Have you ever been inside a Starbucks? They're filthy and filled with screaming idiots. Why do people choose to overlook this? And, finally, I must quote this atrocity: "Starbucks opens an average of six stores per day around the world, and plans to eventually double its number of U.S. locations to 20,000. By comparison, McDonald's has 13,000 U.S. restaurants." Just picture that. [NYDN] [Racked]

Support Mosaic Man Jim Power and the preservation of his East Village Art. [NY Times]

Shoeshine man gets the boot in Brooklyn, says, "I'm the small guy and they just pushed me out...I lost everything." [NYDN]

Was this ad dreamed up by the same writers of the abovementioned billboard? Funny how the message is always the same: New York is yours to possess and suck the lifeblood from:


Anonymous said...

The beautiful part of the One Hanson Place stupidity is that they emphasize Manhattan--and they are the Williamsburgh Savings Bank building, which has been the tallest building in Brooklyn for 80 years--in other words, the most recognizable part of the Brooklyn skyline.

Goes to show how Manhattan-centric they presume their clientele to be; not, "I live in a gorgeous Art Deco landmarked building you can see from thousands of points in the area," but, "I can see Manhattan from here!"

Besides, if anybody in the borough of Kings can be said to own Manhattan's skyline, wouldn't it be those lucky ducks who live near the Brooklyn Promenade?

Anonymous said...

"Live like a Rockefeller. Party like a rockstar."

Look at the crap in my neighborhood, LIC: "Live like a star. Commute like a rocket." (See the U.N. Secretariat advertising their charm?) If you consider the 7 train a rocket, I guess. Is it the same dopes creating this drivel, or do they just know their market?


Sam said...

nancy giles did a piece on the vanishing stores being replaced by banks on cbs sunday morning about a year ago..