Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Donut Pub

After yesterday's depressing news about A. Fontana Shoe Repair's imminent closing (not to mention the shuttering of Park Slope's gorgeous Donuts Coffee Shop), I thought we needed a little life preserver thrown our way and donuts are just the right shape for the job.

Since 1964, The Donut Pub has been going strong at 14th St. and 7th Ave. Not long ago, Dunkin Donuts moved in a few doors down, no doubt in hopes of viciously knocking out the competition. But even in Goliath's shadow, The Donut Pub has stayed afloat.

When you go there, you are recognized. You are greeted. It feels good. After a couple of visits, the Pub employees will know you. Once you become a regular, they'll inquire about your vacation, your kids, your dog. And if you're sleepy, they'll even let you take a nap.

The last time I went in, a homeless woman was fast asleep, her head resting on the counter. A guy ordering coffee to go asked, "Is she okay?" The counterman looked at him and smiled, "Oh yeah, she's fine. She's just tired." Try that at Dunkie's.

P.S. The Donut Pub is right across the street from doomed little Sucelt. Make a trip to each-- dinner at Sucelt and dessert at the Pub--before it's too late, which will be next week for Sucelt.


tenpenny said...

Ah, the donut pub. Very true about them getting to know you after a few visits. I used to work down the street and pop in every Friday for a plain cruller (I totally recommend that you dip it into your coffee). The coffee is also true diner coffee, not dishwater (not for me all the time, but it has it's place).

Anonymous said...

Mmmm. Donuts. For a trip back in time check out Peter Pan Donuts on Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. From the spinning stools to the polish waitresses in uniform, this place is an institution. Their donuts are my favorite.

Anonymous said...

The Donut Pub used to be called the Donut Hut. About eight years ago, it closed down for a year. Fortunately it reopened, albeit under a new name but the exact same chocolate ring donuts with sprinkles.
Before closing, a donut cost 40 cents; after reopening, it climbed to 80 cents.
Also, around that time a Dunkin Donuts opened across the street on 7th Ave. just below 14th St. For some reason it didn't last long.
Great article on the Donut Pub in The Villager last March:

Anonymous said...

The one thing for which I've never forgiven my parents is moving me from NY to NJ when I was 13.

All through high school, I snuck into the city every chance I got. I usually went with a couple of other misfits. We'd go to the piers to toke and to give or receive.

After a hard day of smoking weed and lying down or getting laid, we'd get the munchies. I remember all of us rummaging through our pockets and purses for change. If we could come up with about $2 or so, that would be enough for four of us to munch out.

Anything tastes good when you've got the munchies. But I haven't toked in more than twenty years, and Donut Pub's donuts (especially the vanilla frosted donuts with chocolate stripes and cherry filling in the hole!) and muffins taste better than ever. Today I was drawn in by a black-and-white cookie. It was divine!

Ahh...What would my life have been without Donut Pub?