Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2008: A Bleak Look Ahead

I couldn't ring in the new year without a dark gaze toward the future. Here is a list of vanishings to come -- either rumored, substantiated, or just prophesied.

Streit's Matzo Factory: For sale.

A. Fontana Shoe Repair: The owner says he'll be there until the end of February.

Domino Sugar Sign: The landmark sign did not get landmarked and will probably end up on some yuppie's giant loft wall.

Bobby's Happy House: Their eviction seems to keep getting extended, but for how long? Last I heard, the cashier said they'd be gone by January 2008.

The Harlem Record Shack: Under court order to vacate by March.

P&G Bar: Their lease ends in 2008.

Yankee Stadium: Slated for the wrecker, 2008 is its last season. And the last regular season game? Sept 21, vs. Baltimore.

Shea Stadium: Same as above, 2008 is your last chance to see a game in this park. Sept 28, vs. the Marlins is the Mets' final regular home game.

Hotel Pennsylvania: Fans are fighting to stop the coming demolition.

Sophie's & Mona's East Village Bars: For sale.

Coney Island (as is): Granted another year's lease, we will still have Astroland in 2008. But no matter what, Coney as we know it (scrappy and strange) is doomed to croak.

Our Lady of Vilnius: The parishioners continue to fight the planned demolition.

Yes! This Is Charlie's: They're hoping to hold out but it doesn't look good.

Cup & Saucer: A dire prediction--with construction across the street, I think the place's days are numbered.

Chelsea Antiques Garage: Nothing confirmed, but it was sold to a developer.

The Sunshine Hotel: What is there, one guy living here now? And with the New Museum next door, no way this Bowery flop will last.

Katz's: The owner keeps going back and forth on this one--too bleak to contemplate? Certainly. Impossible to fathom? Not with all the giant glass towers going up all around the place. It may not close, but I won't be surprised if we get big news about Katz's in 2008.


Anonymous said...

Here is a Hotel Penn Fan, looking to create a brighter future for not just the Penn area, but for NYC as well!

Barbara L. Hanson said...

I will miss Streit's; they are a one-minute walk away. All long-time residents of the neighborhod--myself included--pronounce the name as though it is spelled Streits's. I will particularly miss the rather odd woman behind the counter who once asked me if I were Jewish. I replied, "No, I'm from Brooklyn." "Same difference," she said.

Anonymous said...

Streits ... for the unleavened experience of a lifetime [Billy Crystal as Joe Franklin] .. Streits, my friends ... beverages by Hoffman ... and Martin Paints, it ain't just paint ...

The Bowery Boys - Greg said...

My heart just broke when I saw Cup and Saucer. That place has had death's hourglass turned on it for a couple years. Here's hoping it lasts another year.

Jeremiah Moss said...

i hope cup & saucer lasts too, and i hope my adding it to the "death watch" doesn't psychically push it over the tipping point.

Lisanne said...

One of my wishes for 2008 since the Domino's sign did not get landmarked is that the former workers who lost their jobs at that factory have a party and smash it to bits.

Niekieno Zmona said...

Thanks for including Our Lady of Vilnius in your "death watch." It may remind some people that we are not already dead. If you hear anything about acquisitions or demolitions in our area please let us know. We are still gathering and fighting.