Wednesday, December 12, 2007

*Everyday Chatter

Yesterday I posted on the decapitation of the Playpen. Here's more news about the hotel that's coming to take its place. [Curbed] Wait--it gets worse: The Playpen is not just decapitated. It's dead. [Curbed]

Basquiat graffiti discovered
in Soho condo conversion? [1010wins]

Take a look at some of New York's last racing pigeons. [NY Times]

Can't wait for I Am Legend? Hungry for a little Manhattan apocalypse? Get ready with a peek at Hollywood's love affair for destroying New York. [Bowery Boys]

Welcome to SuburbiAstor Place. Now that Walgreens is open for business, we've got a chain trifecta. There are 4 clones in this photo, can you find them all?

14th Street is getting another giant chain drugstore. Between 1st and 2nd, where Gristede's once was, so shall Duane Reade be -- according to the demolition/construction guy I talked to this morning on the scene:

It's this time of year when I most miss Kurowycky Meats. They always had a warm, welcoming Christmas display in their window. Luckily, we still have Baczynsky's East Village Meat Market:

McSorley's has their pot-bellied stove stoked--for warming their customers' pot bellies these cold winter days. Mmm...toasty:


Anonymous said...

Yes, Jeremiah, we have become one big generic shopping mall, supersized, mega dormed to death, welcome to the new hideous new york....
Suzannah B. Troy

Nesta said...

It is definitely a Duane Reade in the old Gristedes spot. And there's a Duane Reade right across the street, which just opened a few years ago (replacing a Love Pharmacy). I don't get it?