Wednesday, December 26, 2007

*Everyday Chatter

Sucelt is gone. I had my last meal there last week, but with my freezer stuffed with Jehnny's beef empanadas, the love will go on a little longer. My last Sucelt arepa:

AMNY also visited La Taza de Oro. Without Sucelt, it's a last survivor from Chelsea's days as a center for Latin food. [AMNY]

Here comes the newest erection to rise above the Bowery, overshadowing the Salvation Army, which will probably turn into condos any day now. [Curbed]

Another repair service evicted--this time it's a tailor. In our disposable culture, why bother to stitch and fix the old when you can just buy new? [Pardon Me] [Lost City]


Anonymous said...

this one really breaks my heart. i have eaten here several times in its final months. this was an excellent cafe run by wonderful people.

Anonymous said...

i'm referring above to the sucelt piece, of course.

re: tailors, check out another interesting one on 14th between avenue a and b. seems you can get pants altered til roughly 2am at this tiny italian joint.

Jeremiah Moss said...

shattered, i walked up and down 14 bet a & b yesterday, but didn't see the little tailor shop you mention--can you describe it?