Monday, December 3, 2007

*Everyday Chatter

I received via email a "Media Alert" from a frozen yogurt company that wants us all to know that "Red Mango Has Arrived, Taking Over New York One Swirl at a Time." Why they think this sounds positive, I don't know, because it sounds to me like the aliens have landed, the War of the Worlds has begun, and we all better watch our asses because they're going to be putting Red Mango stores everywhere -- everywhere there isn't already a Pinkberry, that is. The fro-yogurtification of NYC is in full effect. Here's one on 8th and 45th:

The future of our city: A world in which we're all on surveillance camera, no one knows how to relate to each other, and we'll have nowhere to eat but at TGI-Friday's. Wait, that sounds a lot like today. [AMNY]

What's it like to have a cocktail at the posh Bowery Hotel? You get served by goofy Beefeaters and they glower at you the entire time. [Flaming Pablum]

Here's a first-person report on Bowery Bash, the great, big gala opening party for the New Museum. The best thing about it? The apple-green elevators. [Kitlab 4.0]

Buttons, trimmings, zippers, tassels, fabric: the Garment District is dying, piece by piece, killed by Manhattan's so-called success. [Times]

"It used to be heiresses just lunched, shopped and partied," but Forbes' most intriguing billionaire heiresses are different. They do much more intriguing things: They spend $60 million on weddings, learn about retail, ride horses, throw slumber parties, teach yoga, and buy multiple pied a terres in Manhattan. How intriguing! [Yahoo]

From back in the days before heiresses came to party on the Lower East Side--check out these fantastic pictures from the vanished Garden Cafeteria on Slate [via Loho 10002]

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