Friday, December 14, 2007

*Everyday Chatter

Which bank will it be moving in to the Big-Box Chelsea on 16th and 8th? Round and round she goes...and the winner is...Bank of America! (Thanks to the tipster who sent me this link.) Too bad, I was really hoping for a Commerce--those peppy little Commerce mascots make great punching bags.

Don't forget to visit Sucelt today to say goodbye and tell the newscameras you're mad as hell. You might even get a vintage Sucelt t-shirt.

North Fork is coming to the former site of BBQ on University and 8th, and an angry citizen has taped up a few signs, complete with enraged yellow highlighter and initial caps. It's a good start--but maybe writing it in acid on the glass would send a stronger message. Our side needs more criminals.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps you've already covered this topic on this website, but did you read Rep. Anthony Weiner's report that since 2000, banks have added 338 branches in New York City, a 27% increase. The current total # of branches is 1,552.

Individual branches can fail to make a profit but the banks keep them open because 1) profitable branches elsewhere compensate for the loss, and 2) branches claim turf (like a billboard, only more expensive) denying competing banks from setting up their own branches and expanding "brnd awareness."

That massive multi-national financial institutions essentially treat valuable land as nothing but an advertising opportunity is a sickening development in a city in desparate need of affordable housing for middle-income and lower-income households.

Rambler said...

It's come full circle. I remember bumming when BBQ opened up back in the 80s (I lived across the street in an NYU Dorm--I know but hey they only had four dorms back then. We used to water balloon people leaving BBQ from the roof of Weinstein. Anyway, now a bank! It's like when I got upset that a Starbucks left my neighborhood for a bank last year. You know it's out of hand when the starbucks closes!

Fear not, a new starbucks later opened up the street.

Carol Ott said...

OMG I'd love to put signs up and down my street that say "WHO is going to SUPPORT this new restaurant???" on all of the developers' signs that advertise restaurant space.

Of course everyone would know it was me... :(

Why can't anything useful move in?

Anonymous said...

i can't understand why BBQ closed down last year. every time i went there, the place was PACKED. then i went one night for a good meal and a huge drink - and it was empty as if it had never existed. and now they want to put a bank? what a shame.