Friday, December 30, 2011

Vanished 2011: People

Finally, this week, remembering the people and personalities we lost in 2011.

Bobby Robinson, the proprietor of Bobby's Happy House in Harlem, passed away at age 93, three years after his six-decades-old shop fell to the forces of gentrification.

Lenny Waller, former manager of the Hellfire Club and a well-loved sex-positive AIDS activist, died in March. So did Chloe Dzubilo, transgender and AIDS activist, artist, writer, punk rocker, and East Villager. They were both memorialized by many.

We lost East Village blogger and photographer Bob Arihood in September. He was a friend and won't be forgotten.

memorial at Ray's Candy

In her 90s, the inimitable Fedora Dorato passed away just one year after her restaurant closed and she took her final standing ovation. Tony Amato passed at age 91, two years after his wonderful opera house shuttered on the Bowery.

Finally, she wasn't a person, but she was a unique and storied New York personality--Hijinx the Coney Island cat died last summer at 17.

As with all these lists, I am sure I'm neglecting many. Please add more names in the comments. Grieve has more.

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GMH said...

Former East Village resident and radio talk show legend Lynn Samuels died Christmas Eve. To me, she was a perfect example of the best of "old", pre-gentrification New York.

Marty Wombacher said...

R.I.P. To them all, they all left a mark and memories and won't be forgotten.