Thursday, December 29, 2011

Rocco's Update

As you know, the 89-year-old, third-generation Village classic Rocco Ristorante is being pushed out by skyrocketing rent, and another restaurant in the popular Torrisi mini-chain will be taking its place.

Over a recent meal, I learned that Rocco's official closing date will be January 2.

"We're taking the sign with us," said the waiter.

Owner Mr. DaSilva also plans to stay in the neighborhood--he's got a few places in mind for the new Rocco's. But go to the original soon, before it vanishes.


Kirsten said...

That's great they're taking the sign. I really hope they find a new spot soon... we need some good news for 2012.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad they are taking the sign with em. Because these yuppie store owners always keep up the old sign and then deface it with some tacky LED lit plastic crap like Pink Berry uses. There is nothing like Neon.

Marty said...

What a shame. We've been regulars here for over 35 years, and not only knew the previous owners, but count one of them as one of our most cherished friends. I hope Tony finds someplace suitable in the area, and soon. The relaxed and stress free friendly environment and always good home style food, created a warm and so comfortable atmosphere that no formula overpriced restaurant run by hipsters can ever achieve. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!