Monday, December 12, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

The marketing of New York City's facial hair--"Rep your borough" with the Braun Cruzer. Why does Manhattan get the hipstery curly one?

Finally, some good news for Coney Island--Paul's Daughter has signed a 10-year lease: "Both Papa and Mama Burger and a mix of new and old hand-painted signage as well as a neon sign are expected." [ATZ]

And Ruby's has signed an 8-year lease: "We look forward to seeing our loyal friends and customers for many years." [FB]

Tom's comes to Coney. Says Zamperla, "We are learning a little bit. After a year and a half, we understand how important Coney Island is to the Brooklyn community." [Gothamist]

Yet another death for Gasoline Alley--the Mobil station in Meatpacking will become high-end retail. [Racked]

Hotel Chelsea is evicting long-time tenants. [Curbed]

One reason to love New York: "St. Mark's Bookshop Lives." [NYM]

Amazing film footage of Times Square at its sleaziest. [VS]

Loathing the SantaCon hordes on Second Avenue. [EVG]

Touring Calvary Cemetery. [FNY]

20x200 is having an open house tomorrow night--check out the affordable art, including some framed CBGB prints from Joseph O. Holmes. [FB]


JAZ said...

That old Times Square video on Vintage Sleaze is great. Loved seeing a look at part of the city when character was allowed, as well as the Kool cigarettes neon and the Automat sign.

Marty Wombacher said...

Great news about Paul's Daughter and Ruby's! So glad they finally got long term leases.

Pelikan Man said...

The Times Square at its "sleaziest" video looks a little cleaned up. Streets are spotless; touts are nowhere to be seen; no hustlers, none of the gut level sleaze that characterized the Times Square area during the early to mid 60s.

chris said...

That Ruby's news is the best thing I have heard all month.

Tricia said...

Thanks for the massive Coney Island shout out! Great news and a huge relief that the Boardwalk will not be corporatized and gentrified after all. Paul's lease will be 8 years too -- perhaps 8 is the new lucky number (if one plays Lotto)

79rigid said...

I was always under the impression that Times Square was at its sleaziest in the mid to late 70's.There was definitely sleazier businesses than the ones in the video.Having said that,the video is a great old time capsule.