Friday, December 9, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

"Little Wisco cannot and will not be stopped." [Eater]

The original Ray's of Little Italy is being turned into an upscale pizza spa--says the new owner, "This is a trendy area, so it's time for the building to take its rightful place in the neighborhood." [DNA]

Work stops at Mars Bar demolition. [EVG]

American Psycho to be remade for today's yunnie culture--putting the uber-Batemans on the big screen. [NYM]

iPhone mugger is a "smartphone connoisseur" who doesn't want your stinking Blackberry. [Gothamist]

Welcome to Fauxcotti Park--now with mad realness. [RS]


Bowery Boogie said...

that quote in the Ray's story is cringe-worthy.

Little Earthquake said...

"Little Wisco cannot and will not be stopped."

Actually it can, if people don't patronize those businesses.

But I understand that to some people being open for business is tantamount to the Germans invading Poland.

Funny how I've never heard anyone complain about Little France taking over my South Brooklyn neighborhood the past 12 years. Cultural preference I suppose; nothing wrong with that. (Better food.) I exercise my own prejudice by spending my money where I choose. I don't know if it's more effective than spreading whiny, ignorant ideas about other people, but it works better for me.

Spyro Poulos said...

WTF is a Pizza Spa??? Where you get a marina colonic?