Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Vanished 2011: Food

We lost many restaurants in 2011.

*Update: Regrettably, we add Polonia to the list, shuttered Christmas Eve after 22 years in the East Village.

*Update 2: We just learned that Auggie's Coffee shop on Thompson has closed after 45 years.

The city's red-sauce joints took more hits as Rocco Ristorante announced they'd be closing after 89 years due to a rent hike and takeover by the Torrisi chain. Rocky's Italian also announced their impending closure, also due to rent hike and takeover by a Nolitan called Balaboosta.

After 52 years in Little Italy, the original Ray's Pizza closed its doors. Less original, but also mourned, Famous Ray's in the Village shuttered.

We lost the second-to-last Andrews Coffee Shop and the Tramway Diner. Also vanished, Niko's on the Upper West Side.

Doyers Vietnamese was shuttered and recently became a trendy hipster spot.

And very quietly, without fanfare, two Latin places disappeared from Chelsea--Cabo Rojo off the High Line and the Cuban Chinese joint La Nueva Rampa.

What have I missed?

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Marty Wombacher said...

I need to go and see what went in to Niko's, I'd love it if the old woman did her deed and it was a bombed out Starbucks!

esquared™ said...

Elaine's, The Oak Room, Palace Diner in Flushing (just recently), and two that you probably are not fan of -- Savoy (though they're re-opening as Back Forty), and M. Wells, albeit it's a foodie place and been only for about a year, but closed because of a greedy landlord.

Claribel said...

esquared, thanks so much for mentioning Palace Diner. It was a terrific diner for comfort food and comfy booths. Sad to hear it's closing.

Anonymous said...

as of this morning - auggie's (porto rico) coffee shop on thompson st in soho - out of business. 45 years - rent is too damn high apparently.
I had my last cup of auggie's yesterday afternoon, and this morning the windows are papered over. sad.

esquared™ said...

oh, and Life Cafe and Cafe Charbon, also.

@Claribel -- unfortunately, not that many people (not JM &/or Co.) regard the outer borough as part of NYC.

Claribel said...

Ha! esquared, yeah, I don't think our mayor does either, but that actually, can be a good thing! ;)

Claribel said...

Best wishes in 2012 to you, esquared, Jeremiah, and to everyone!

esquared™ said...

and speaking of the outer boroughs, first(?)one to bite the dust in 2012 because of a greedy landlord -- Staten Island deli closed Monday after more than 30 years in business.

[ok, i'll stop now, don't wanna be the harbinger of death of nyc establishments]

Jeremiah Moss said...

harbinge away