Thursday, December 29, 2011

Vanished 2011: Structures

Several buildings and other structures fell in 2011.

We're still watching 7 - 9 Second Avenue fall, a harrowing loss of history--including Mars Bar and much more.

35 Cooper Square, despite an outpouring of support for preserving its illustrious history, was turned to rubble.

The gorgeous neon signage from Jade Mountain was ripped away, carted off, and likely dumped.

Photo from warsze

One of the East Village's last bohemians, Edgar Oliver, was booted from his home on E. 10th and the place is being sold as a townhouse.

The home of Premiere Veal, formerly the Gansevoort Pumping Station, was demolished for the new Whitney Museum. And demolition has just begun on the Atlas Meat packing plant.

And we lost a lot of old newsstands--at 14th and 6th, in Times Square, on University Place, down on Water Street, and surely many more.

What else?

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