Monday, December 5, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

Bad news for Billy's Antiques--more development takes over on the Bowery: "It’ll be part of that final transition to a landscape of Pottery Barns and Starbucks." [NYT]

And what's coming? Billy says it will be made of brick imported from a factory in Massachusetts--and built by Tony Goldman, the creator of Soho who discovers and articulates urban grit. [EVG]

More news and rumor from Bill's Gay 90s: The bartender said "the owner of the old tavern...wanted nothing to do with DeLucie, and that they were the victim of a spiteful landlord who was messing around with the fate of the bar. 'We're not going anywhere,' he said." [LC]

Lovely photos of the old B&B Carousell at Coney Island--it could be yours. [ATZ]

Gutting the Chelsea Hotel. [Gothamist]

Oh dear, there's a Sex & the City slot machine in Queens. [NYM]

The backstory on Dog Day Afternoon. [OTG]

Mick's new book Christmas Whore is "about the sleazy old area of the 20s and Park Ave South, wretched times were spent there all around the Belmore Cafeteria." [ABS]

Inside the insane car-vator of Chelsea's 200 11th Ave. [Gothamist]

Good news from Pat about the shuttered Cosmos Diner: The scaffolding is down and the new sign says "Orion Diner & Grill with a big picture of a bare-chested archer (Orion the Hunter) against an orange background with laurel leaves. Looks very Greek and not at all gentrified."


esquared™ said...

Well, NYC has become a slut machine.

Jeremiah Moss said...


Brendan said...

Slut machine, really? Are you trolling your own blog?

esquared™ said...

Thanks to SATC

Brendan said...

OK but this is an overtly misogynistic word. I was surprised because Jeremiah has not struck me as being misogynistic before.

onemorefoldedsunset said...

Re Dog Day Afternoon, you might also like hearing a John Wojtowicz commentary on the bank robbery/movie on this video by Pierre Huyghe.

bowery boy said...

Billy's Star Barn has a nice ring to it. Or maybe Pottery Bucks by Billy. Yikes!

bowery boy said...

Tony Goldman is a lot of things, but "the creator of SoHo" is NOT one of them. It's nice to see he's mellowing now that all the smoking has caught up with him, it's legacy time, but when I was a waiter at his Greene Street Restaurant, I wish he had been a nicer boss (and a better singer).