Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gansevoort Square

If you're wondering what giant development is going up like gangbusters on 14th Street near 9th Avenue, here it is.

It's DDG Partner's "Gansevoort Square." The name pulls the Meatpacking District into what is not the Meatpacking District, tugging the neighborhood's glamor eastward.

In case you think it's too far from MePa, the copy reassures that it's "no more than a stone’s throw away from the many amenities the neighborhood offers."

It's topped with five penthouse apartments and "will also feature some of the Meatpacking District’s newest ground-up luxury retail, creating a natural transition into the vibrant shopping and cultural district."

The rendering, covered with runaway greenery, brings to mind a post-apocalyptic scene. I can't help but think of Lori Nix's dioramas.


Sleuth707 said...

What a mess. It looks like an ugly growth on the existing building.

Marty Wombacher said...

It's within walking distance to the IHOP!

Anonymous said...

I lived across the street from 1993-2009. I'm so happy to be living uptown in Washington Heights.

Katrink said...

God, I'm sick to death of the misuse of the word "vibrant". Can we please retire it?