Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Although I've talked about this already, I seem to have more to say about the condo going up at 200 11th Avenue with its En Suite Sky Garage, an elevator that carries your car home with you, straight into your apartment where you can snuggle with it all night. Now Curbed reports that the City Council has granted the developers a permit to go ahead and build this contraption. Says Curbed, "we're that much closer to robots taking over the world."

200 11th rises from the riff-raff

Ah yes, robots. We are fighting the Clone Wars every day in this city. For another glimpse into clone life, take a look at the video for the Sky Garage. It shows a man driving into his condo building's car-vator, then stepping out of his car and into his apartment where his blonde wife greets him not with a kiss or an embrace. No hi-honey-I'm-home relating occurs between these two. He simply passes her the car key and she takes it. She then goes down in the car-vator and drives away (looking sort of like Martha Stewart). No one could ever accuse these two powerhouses of being co-dependent.

a cool clone-mate greeting

Of course I understand that the developers were simply trying to show how the car goes up and then comes down. But in the process they have shown us something far more illuminating. It may even be a selling feature of this condo and other developments like it. Namely, it's the idea that you don't ever have to get close to other people. Not only do you live high above them -- buffered by your 24-hour attendants, your glass balustrades, your tax abatements -- you also don't really live with them. You can simply pass each other, like two ships in the night, in the vast ocean of your luxury triplex.


Anonymous said...

It be real funny when these yunnies dwelling in this monstrocity of a building starts to complain about the car and the car elevator noise...especially when their neighbors come home really late at night.

Jonathan said...

Yes, I found the lack of intimacy in the video bemusing as well. I thought the whole point of this kind of motel living was to be able to bring intimate partners home without the censure of overfriendly doormen or hotel clerks.

Frank said...

Hey, cars stink. I own two of them and they both stink. They smell bad, what with a tank of volatile hydrocarbons on board, hot oil, hot metal, and dusty brake shoes. I mean, they're really filthy when you get down to it. I still like driving them though, but I sure wouldn't want one of them in the house with me.