Monday, October 24, 2011

New Waverly Revealed

We got a glimpse of the new Waverly diner recently that began to allay our fears that the beloved Village restaurant would turn into something sterile and unwelcoming after its renovation. Now, photographer Joe Quint offers an exclusive sneak peek that should provide great comfort.

He writes in, "I passed by this AM and Nick invited me in. The renovations look awesome and I can say with certainty that fears of the Waverly's demise (or suburbanization) are greatly exaggerated."

Joe Quint

Joe spoke about the renovations with Nick who said that "he's keeping the same basic look (right down to the 8x10s of the has-been actors and, yes, the eggs served in frying pans) but just giving everything a much-needed update. Longtime fans will not be disappointed in the least."

Photos of has-been actors! Eggs served in frying pans! Dark-wood paneling! And those watered-down oxblood, diamond-tufted naugahyde booths! It looks like the old Waverly already.

Joe Quint

When will it open? Nick told Joe "it'll be another 2-3 figure a month and a half."

Joe Quint


EV Grieve said...


Marty Wombacher said...

Good news for sure! Can't wait to stop in for a Waverly Melt!

T.E. Rinaldi said...

Great news! Any word on the neon?

Laura Goggin Photography said...

I'm glad they're keeping the two-person booths as well. I can hardly wait for the re-opening.

nygrump said...

I keep thinking about dashing in for a Waverly Burger than checking myself...a redo of those tiny bathrooms will be a plus...I first switched from tea to coffee back in 1988 as a student hanging out here...