Tuesday, October 4, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

Following the knit-bombing tea cozy craze? Some guy is covering bus shelters on 14th with doilies:

Talking about the Bowery and "authentrification" with Grieve and Boogie. [TR]

An obit for Bob Arihood--and a vigil tonight. [EVG]

More on the pinching of Hinsch's. [FNY]

An ode to Hinsch's neon. [NYN]

"Gone are the days when the words 'East Village' automatically conjured images of back alley drug deals and weathered performers trudging down St. Marks Place with their instruments strapped to their backs, as if heading off to some bohemian coal mine. Today, the East Village more likely brings to mind three things: college students, Starbucks and soaring rent costs." [MF]

Fewer GAPs for NYC. [Racked]

Books are getting movie-style billboards in Times Square. [RS]

Does anyone have a picture of the James Rizzi mural that used to be on Sullivan Street? [GVSHP]


Laura Goggin Photography said...

I do hope a photo of the Rizzi mural turns up. i have one, but it's from 2006 - much too late. I've always wonders what it looked like in all its glory.

Anonymous said...

tried looking for info about the bus shelter doilies at this year's artinoddplaces.org (guerilla and permitted art along 14th street) but to no avail unless i over looked it, anybody?

BaHa said...

My interest in an Indianan who moved here in 2002 and loves, just loves, working with NYC is nil, to put it mildly.

BaHa said...

Oh, hell, I meant, of course NYU. I guess my fingers couldn't bear to type it.