Monday, October 24, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

The 99%: A Halloween costume suggestion from Uncle Sam's Army/Navy on West 8th--complete with handcuffs:

Call Cooper Union's president today--as the school decides on the fate of St. Mark's Books. [EVG]

Save the Coney boardwalk from turning concrete and plastic. [ATZ]

20x200 offers shots of CBGB by Joseph O. Holmes: "alone in the dark among the empty beer bottles and broken guitar strings and abandoned drum sticks, waiting in the silence for the shutter to close." [20x200]

A tiny library pops up in Williamsburg. [Curbed]

Remembering Manhattantown--and a block party without a block. [MF]

Following poet Hart Crane through the seedy Barbary Coast of Brooklyn now known as DUMBO. [ENY]

In Tompkins Square Park: "The resolution of the rat problem will lead to a cultural and ethnic cleansing of the park, leaving it to the yuppies and the middle-class families in the park." [SLES]

Look into the renovation of the Bowery's Prince Hotel and "see the direction of America’s economic future." [BNN]


Laura Goggin Photography said...

Thanks for the link to the Prince Hotel piece. It's so sad and sickening, I still can't get over this.

JM said...

That Save the Lower East Side post is both kind of old now, and if you read the comments, you'll see that it's a rant with nothing to back it up. In fact, the very people who are being accused of trying to end the food handouts appear to be big supporters of them, and are not trying to do anything to curb or halt them.

I'm kind of surprised you've linked to something so late, but also so suspect. This one smells funny.