Monday, October 17, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

The majority of New Yorkers love Occupy Wall Street. [NYO]

Bloomberg spent $5.6 million on his own PR to defend his record--and more to overcome "the challenge of convincing New York City voters that billionaire Mike Bloomberg was different." [NYO]

Big-time authors support OWS with Occupy Writers site. [NYM]

The corner of 1st and 13th seeks a chain store--in the former home of the late, great Mee Noodle shop. [EVG]

Should St. Vincent's Park be a privately owned public space or an AIDS memorial park? [NYT]

From the Facebook of Councilman Vincent Gentile: "Hinsch's is coming back! New owners are renovating but its still going to be Hinsch's! Owners from Skinflints made a deal with the landlord and saved the place. They're hoping to be open by November 1." More at Brooklyn Paper.

Enjoying a cheeseburger at Neptune in the EV. [MAD]

An interview with LES photographer Rebecca Lepkoff. [TLD]

10/26: Slavoj Zizek comes to St. Mark's Books. [FB]

10/29: Ruby's of Coney Island's closing party "after 77 years on the boardwalk."

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