Wednesday, October 26, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

Cooper Union says NO to St. Mark's Books. [NYDN]

Salman Rushdie asked Cooper Union to Save St. Mark's Books. [DNA]

After losing their Upper West Side shop, now H&H Bagels might be evicted from their million-bagel bakery. [Gothamist]

A baby becomes an objet d'art as he's born into a Bushwick gallery: "remnants from the birth will be added to the exhibition along with a video of the birth." [RS]

Filming The Warriors while surrounded by the real gangs of New York. [VV]

Is it Halloween or a hipster? [HOW]

Rocky's owner responds on Eater: "I would like to clarify that we will be forced to shut our doors not for economic reasons is my understanding that in regards to the increase in rent they will be paying what we agreed to pay or that there were tons of other offers or who would want immediate access or not as the owner of Balboosta has stated. It has everything to do with them...It was for one reason and only one because she decided that she wanted the space..plain and simple. We were on numerous occasions led to believe that the lease would be extended to us. The end result was we were not considered because of personal issues with the landlord and his relationship with the owners of Balboosta. You should respect your neighbors and the businesses they have built. Some people are business first and despite her protestations, Einat's actions show her true intentions."


maximum bob said...

I have been gorging myself or days
and holding it in, I will be delivering a huge turd at the Bushwick Gallery tonight, all are
welcome. It will be captured on video and uploaded to YouTube.

Casey said...

What fresh hell is right!! The next twenty-something who bumps into me because they're walking and texting will get a right hook, male or female. I need to make up a shirt or hat that actually says, "Stop walking and texting, dip shit!"

Katrink said...

@Casey, that won't do any good, unless you take a photo of the shirt or hat with your digital camera or whatnot and send it to their gadget. Otherwise they won't see it. I like to wait until they're almost on top of me and shout "HEADS UP" and watch them freak out.
May they all fall into manholes.